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February 5, 2020

Once An Alto, Now A Tenor

Once An Alto, Now A Tenor Phoenix (second from right) and his Spectrum Singers friends (left to right: Jessi, Kieran and Angie)
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Spectrum Singers Spokane AIDS Walk Performance
Singing for This Year’s Spokane AIDS Walk Photo credit: Katie Hartwig Photography (@pridenorthwest_) By Tobias Snow, snow, snow in September and October!
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All About Our Fall 2019 Season Hello, Spectrum Singers family! Nori (they/them) and Tobias (he/they) here with your latest blog update. As
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Bobby Kizer

August 13, 2019

Meet Our Board President

Meet Our Board President Bobby Kizer founded Spectrum Singers about one year ago and has been serving as our president ever since.
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Joshua Shank
Meet Our New Artistic Director for 2019-2020 We are so excited to announce our new artistic director for the 2019-2020 season –
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